Bryant & Cooper Steak House - Roslyn, NY

This past weekend we had the opportunity to dine at Bryant & Cooperone of Long Island's top steakhouses. Bryant & Cooper is located in Roslyn just off of Northern Boulevard, which is also known as the "Restaurant Row" of the North Shore because so many fabulous restaurants are nearby. Bryant & Cooper has been around since the 1980s and specializes in prime, dry-aged beef that is aged and butchered right on the premises and sold at their adjacent butcher shop and market.

It's all about the beef at Bryant & Cooper

As you valet park amongst the Bentleys, Range Rovers and Mercedes (my husband joked that the "cheapest" car in the parking lot was a Cadillac), your eyes are immediately drawn to the hunks of beef dry-aging in the window of the butcher shop. Quite the impression as you walk into a steakhouse! The interior is warm and inviting, like an old clubhouse of a casual country club, and the staff is very friendly and professional. Despite the tony location, the display of luxury cars in the parking lot and the high menu prices, the restaurant does not feel stuffy at all. While a comfortable setting, I thought it was a little too brightly lit in the restaurant. However, the bar looked like a nice, relaxing place to enjoy a casual meal. There was a TV and a lot of lively guests sitting at the bar. I enjoyed Bryant & Cooper but my favorite steakhouses are still Ruth's Chris in Garden City and Jimmy Hays in Island Park.

The following is a list of what we ordered and my thoughts on each item:

Clams Casino: Eight clams on the half shell topped with diced peppers and bread crumbs and baked. These were just ok. A little cold and the peppers were not cooked enough for my taste. I wouldn't order them again.

Clams Casino
A solid bread basket of baguette,
crusty whole-grain bread and
a sweet nut-and-fruit sliced bread

Sliced Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil: This was a standout for me as I am a sucker for a mozzarella-tomato salad. I loved that the basil had been placed inside the mozzarella; it seemed that it had been done in advance almost as a way to "marinate" the cheese and infuse the basil flavor into it. And surprisingly, the tomatoes were pretty nice despite it being the dead of winter. The salad was lightly dressed with olive oil and as we were eating it the waiter came around with a bottle of balsamic vinegar and offered to drizzle some onto our salad, which of course we happily accepted. 

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil salad -
the basil was placed inside the cheese for a nice flavor

 Seghesio Zinfandel 

Porterhouse For Two: This was the "big daddy" showstopper of the evening. A giant slab of bone-in steak, with filet mignon on one side and sirloin on the other. Nicely charred on the outside and served with a side of au poivre sauce. The steak was excellent although I wish the plate had been served even warmer to keep the steak warm longer, as they do at Ruth's Chris. The filet mignon was incredibly tender and was one of the best filets I've ever had. The sirloin was nice as well. This is definitely great quality meat, but I still prefer the steaks at Ruth's Chris. The portion size was huge, as expected. We even took a huge tray of food home, pictured below. Basically this steak was like four portions in one, even though it was supposed to be for two. The waiters were nice enough to serve each of us by placing some slices of steak on our plates.

Porterhouse for Two, after some slices were served
The leftovers the next day!

Some filet and sirloin with
sauteed snap peas and mushrooms

Au Poivre Sauce: Our favorite housemade sauce to order at steakhouses. This one was too mustard-y and not at all close to the one made at Ruth's Chris in Garden City. I didn't enjoy this sauce.

Mashed Potatoes: Ultra rich and creamy, a solid version of this steakhouse classic.

Sauteed Mushrooms and Snap Peas: Very simply seasoned but perfectly cooked, the snap peas still had a nice crunch.

Key Lime Pie: A very tart, thick and custard like pie with lime zest studded throughout the filling. A good but not perfect version of this Florida classic. Our complaint was that the pie was too cold, as if it had been frozen and defrosted prior to serving.

Apple Strudel: A very light pastry dough rolled around large chunks of cinnamon apples and served with rich French Vanilla ice cream. This was the perfect size dessert. My only complaint was the chunks of apple were a little too large for the delicate pastry, and I got some rough apple skin in a few bites that was very hard to chew.

A decent Key Lime Pie
Excellent coffee!

Apple Strudel



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